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Malaria Research and Training Centre

 Malaria Research and Training Centre (MRTC)
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy,
University of Sciences and Techniques and Technologies
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Created in 1992, Malaria Research and Training Centre (MRTC) is based at Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Sciences and Techniques and Technologies, Mali. Its scope includes research and training on all aspects of malaria. The Centre has today a staff of more than 200 permanent persons; with more than 60 doctoral scientists.

MRTC research activities are directed towards the development of tools and testing of appropriate strategies for malaria control/elimination and reducing the disease burden. Ongoing studies cover malaria epidemiology, entomology, drug resistance, vaccines trials, drugs trials and diagnostic tools/strategies development, pathogenesis, mapping malaria risk., malaria immunity and malaria in pregnancy. Existing laboratories include an Affymetrix platform and facilities for entomology with two large insectariums, parasitology, immunology, molecular and cellular biology and clinical biology equipped with sate of the art instruments, a reliable LAN and Internet connectivity and a Liquid Nitrogen Plant. Clinical biology lab is CAP-certified since 2011 and supports clinical trials of drugs and vaccines. MRTC maintains field sites in all regions of Mali. With a thorough knowledge of the local culture a good lasting relationships is maintained with all communities.

MRTC co-hosts a doctoral training program on Medical Parasitology and Entomology, with Institute Superior of Training and Applied Research (ISFRA) that generated more than 100 Masters and 60 PhD degrees completed. MRTC platforms offer training opportunities on the efficient use of molecular tools for detecting drug and insecticide resistance, impact of gut microbiome on malaria immunity, vaccine and drugs trials. Pool of lecturers and field sites will serve to support MARCAD PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.