Amadou Birama Niangaly


Project title: Epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax infection in predominantly Duffy-negative population in Bandiagara Mali, west Africa    

Amadou has a Doctorate in Pharmacy degree and a Masters degree in Parasitology-Mycology obtained from the University of Bamako in Mali. Since 2002, he is working as Lab investigator and as pharmacist for malaria research and malaria vaccine clinical trials in Mali; as a Research Assistant at the MRTC/DEAP Genomics. Dr Niangaly has been appointed Lecturer in Parasitology-Mycology at USTTB in Mali one year ago.  Months later, he has been awarded a PhD fellowship by the MARCAD program for the next four years to address the epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax infection in west Africa and to try to understand the mechanism of Duffy-negative erythrocytes invasion by this parasite. At the completion of his PhD, he is planning to strengthen his knowledges through a Post-Doc position; become an independent researcher and contributes to the control and elimination of malaria; progress in his career from Senior Lecturer to Associate Professor and Professor.