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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

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Has a long track record of pioneering research in Malaria notably in vector biology. The transmission of malaria by mosquitoes was established by Ronald Ross, a British doctor working in India who became LSTM’s first lecturer in 1898. Today, LSTM hosts the largest concentration of medical entomologists in the UK with a research profile that spans from functional genomics of disease vectors to clinical trials; implementation research and the development of tools for monitoring and evaluation of disease transmission. In addition to our well-equipped research laboratories, we have access to state of the art genomics and proteomics facilities via our excellent collaborations with the Sanger Institute and University of Liverpool. LSTM has major field projects which evaluate, implement and monitor vector control activities in Africa and Asia.

Strengthening capacity in vector biology is a major component of our work. As an example, 11 of the 14 Wellcome Trust Public Health and Tropical Medicine Fellowships in vector biology are sponsored by faculty within LSTM’s Vector Biology Department. Potential supervisors will take part in the MARCAD programme.