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University of Health and Allied Sciences

University of Health and Allied Sciences
City :  HO,  State :  Volta Region, Country :  Ghana
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The University of Health and Allied Sciences was established by an Act of Parliament in 2011 as a public university in Ghana set up to help meet the manpower needs of the health sector. It is uniquely positioned among universities in Ghana to be a pre-eminent research and practically orientated health educational institution dedicated to community service.

The main campus including the central administration is in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region of Ghana. The dynamic faculty of the University are in involved in both basic and applied research related to health and allied sciences in collaboration with partners in Ghana and outside Ghana. 

  • To provide higher education in the Health Sciences through teaching and research for persons suitably qualified and capable of benefitting from such education.
  • To disseminate knowledge and the results of research and their applications to the needs and aspirations of the people of Ghana.
  • To provide clinical and other skills services to contribute positively to improving the health status and overall quality of life, and foster partnerships with outside persons and bodies.

MARCAD will be hosted in the School of Medicine of the University and will engage PhD and Postdoctoral fellows to investigate how antenatal care service delivery and uptake of key interventions in Ghana impact on the burden of malaria in pregnancy in Ghana and its consequences including low birth weight and maternal anaemia.