Matilda Aberese Ako

University of Health and Allied Sciences    


Projet title: Socio-cultural (de)motivators to malaria prevention and treatment among pregnant women in sub Saharan Africa     

Matilda Aberese-Ako is a medical and organizational anthropologist and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Health Research in the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ghana. She previously worked with the Navrongo Health Research Centre as a research fellow.  She has a BA hons degree in Integrated Development Studies from the University for Development Studies in Ghana. She also obtained an MA degree in Development Studies from the Erasmus International Institute of Social Studies and a PhD in Medical and Organisational Anthropology from the Wageningen University and Research, all in the Netherlands. Her current research focuses on behavioural and attitudinal influences on acceptance of malaria interventions among pregnant women in Sub Saharan Africa. She is also involved in studies on maternal and new born health care using community resources in rural areas of Ghana.