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DELTAS AFRICA annual Grantees Meeting 2017, Accra/ Ghana

The Malaria Research Capacity Development in West and Central Africa (MARCAD) strongly represented at the second annual meeting of the 11 Deltas Africa programmes in Accra.

A strong delegation, led by the Director of Malaria Research Capacity Development in West and Central Africa (MARCAD), Prof. Oumar Gaye, represented the said programme at the second annual meeting of the 11 DeltasAfrica programmes, held from 03-05 July in Accra, Ghana.

Scientists from 54 institutions, 21 African countries took part in the event which also recorded the presence of several scientists from all over the world and the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation of Ghana, Frimpong Boateng.

A large scientific meeting which served as a framework for the Director of the Marcad, Prof. Oumar Gaye, to present his programme which aims at training future leaders in West and Central Africa in the field of research for malaria pre-elimination and elimination.

The question and answer session that followed Professor Gaye's presentation enabled the audience to better understand the ambitious objectives of the MARCAD for the future of research in Africa.

The five Marcad fellows present at the meeting also presented their posters during the second annual meeting of DeltasAfrica. The public expressed great interest in explanations on the various posters by the Fellows of the Malaria Research Capacity Development in West and Central Africa (MARCAD).

In addition to posters, two of the MARCAD postdoctoral fellows, Innocence Mboulli Ali from Cameroon and Matilda Aberese-Ako from Ghana also had the privilege of presenting their protocols to an assembly composed of renowned researchers such as Professor Peter winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 and representatives of the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) and Wellcome Trust.

"We are proud of the progress made so far." Thanks to DELTAS Africa, we are helping to increase the number of African health researchers as well as women scientists and to provide the necessary infrastructure to do quality research to improve health outcomes and keep our best young talents on the continent", said Dr Tom Kariuki, EASA Director.

According to Dr Alphonsus Neba, Director of the Deltas Africa programme, "Nations with healthy populations are rich countries" Health research generates knowledge to improve health systems and provide a productive and healthy workforce that can contribute to socio-economic development".

In addition to revealing the talents of the continent's young researchers, the annual meeting of DELTAS Africa is also an essential platform for intra-African collaboration, in which the Malaria Research Capacity Development in West and Central Afrca (MARCAD) is recognized as a perfect example.

 Kodou SENE